Directorate of Student Affairs, University of Sahiwal, Hosts Commemorative Walk and Speech Competition to Mark Pakistan Resolution Day

The Directorate of Student Affairs, University of Sahiwal, today organized a commemorative walk and engaging speech competition to honor Pakistan Resolution Day. The event, which saw enthusiastic participation from both faculty members and students, aimed to pay tribute to the historic day when the Lahore Resolution was passed in 1940. The commemorative walk, led by distinguished faculty members, Dr. Muhammad Waseem Tufail, DSA, Dr. Abdul Hameed Mughal, Director QEC, Dr. Muhammad Husnain, Director Academics, and spirited students, traversed through the campus as a symbol of unity and remembrance.
Following the walk, a captivating speech competition took place where participants eloquently shared their thoughts on the significance of Pakistan Resolution Day and its enduring impact on the nation's history. We are proud to commemorate this important day in our nation's history through meaningful activities that engage our academic community, said Dr. Muhammad Waseem Tufail, Director of Student Affairs. The participation and enthusiasm shown by both faculty members and students reflect our collective commitment to honoring our country's rich heritage.
The event concluded with a sense of camaraderie and national pride, underscoring the importance of remembering and celebrating pivotal moments in Pakistan's history.