The University of Sahiwal deals forthcoming students with an extensive assortment of course assistances bespoke to their requirements and to the necessities of society in broad, consequently placing the University at the head of educational fields in very diverse degree ranges, from technology on the one hand to art on the other. By course type, the University of Sahiwal presents mainly bachelor's degree programs. But given the growing prominence of ultimate learning in up-to-date society, the University has also amalgamated with one of the broadest and most multidisciplinary offerings in such courses. Finally, the University of Sahiwal also endeavors to rank those traits of student lifespan which may not be completely interrelated to studies.

  • 2005

    The Governor of Punjab as Chancellor of the University conceived the idea of opening subcampuses of the universities in Punjab to provide equal opportunities of higher education to the people of all the localities. The idea was highly appreciated by the academics and the other sections of the society. It was immediately implemented by the Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan and one of it’s the sub-campuses was opened at Sahiwal in January 2005 to promote the policy of the Government to bring education at the doorsteps of the masses. The city of Sahiwal is ideally located at the center of the Punjab and it has been known as a city of excellence in education since long. However, it was lacking in the field of higher education. To bridge the gap, the university has come forward with full devotion providing all the needed resources. The Sahiwal Campus started functioning since Jan, 2005. However it was formally inaugurated by the Honorable Chancellor / Governor of Punjab on 9th of March, 2005.

  • 2015

    The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab passed the Act of University of Sahiwal in 2015 under which the Sub-Campus of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, in Sahiwal was converted into an independent university in the name of University of Sahiwal. University of Sahiwal is functioning independently since December 2015. Currently, University of Sahiwal has an area of 57 acres. It has 8 departments with overall strength of 1700 students. University has latest facilities for students in terms of Labs, transport and faculty etc. The university has 2 academic blocks, one administration block, a guest house and a hostel for female students.

  • Present

    The construction of new academic blocks, administration blocks, sports complex, boy’s hostel, mosque and vehicle parking will start soon. The purchase of new busses for students is also in process. The establishment of new laboratories is also included in the PC-1 of University of Sahiwal. University of Sahiwal will open new state of the art programs as per need of society and the country.