Sardar Saleem Haider Khan

Chancellor / Governor Punjab
For Students

Chancellor's Message

It is an absolute honor to congratulate the leadership, staff and students of University of Sahiwal in anticipation of this new academic session. The start of a new academic year gives us extraordinary possibilities and a promise to push ourselves towards achieving greatness. During my recent visit, I was able to personally witness the potential for success on campus at University of Sahiwal - it was immeasurable! It has also been noted that the University of Sahiwal has embraced a progressive approach to teaching state-of-the-art curricula and delivering cutting-edge research in areas including science, social sciences and technology. Furthermore, faculty members have commendable capabilities which are being further strengthened with the most up-to date specializations and skills. The management is committed to allocating resources toward building a modern learning environment, and the current upgrades in infrastructure will also provide students with top-quality facilities. As the Chancellor of the University of Sahiwal, I am confident that the prospective students will have a great learning experience and a memorable time at the Green-Campus. I once again extend my best wishes for the new academic year.