Scholarships Awareness

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Newly enrolled students can apply only.
  • Deserving candidates can apply.
  • Only Morning shift students are eligible for this Scholarship.
  • A student whose father is Government employee and his salary is above than 45000/- ineligible for this Scholarship.
  • If student freeze, drop and left at any stage he/she will be disqualify from this Scholarship.
  • If student give wrong information about financial status his/her Scholarship will be discontinued at any stage.

Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship

  • Students F.A/F.Sc degree completed from Government institute.
  • Student should be topper from board.

Ushar Zakat Scholarship

  • Deserving Candidates can apply
  • Only Morning students can apply.

Need Based Scholarship

  • Only Morning students can apply for this scholarship.
  • The students need to provide documentary proof that they are in need of financial support.
  • Student can get form from the department, attached necessary documents and submit in the department.
  • This Scholarship is based on the 10% of the total class. 10% will be selected after the interview conducted by the HOD.
  • Student will apply from the 2nd Semester to onwards.