Directorate of Sports

The directorate of sports aims at promotion of sports at grass root level, enhancing student affiliation with the games, ensuring all tournaments originate from inter-department level and culminate at the University level.


  • To organize, promote and develop sports in the University of Sahiwal.
  • To arrange training and coaching programs.
  • To ensure mass participation in sports and games by organizing sports competitions/tournaments/Gala in the University of Sahiwal.
  • To maintain liaison and coordinate with the HEC & HED for inter University Leagues.
  • To ensure adequate provision of funds of sports and games in the budget of University of Sahiwal and their utilization to the fullest advantage for promotion and development of sports.
  • To exercise overall administrative/functional control over all the grounds and play fields in the University of Sahiwal and ensure their proper maintenance and utilization.