The Department of Applied Psychology is a specialized academic department that focuses on the practical application of psychological theories and research to real-world issues. Applied psychology uses psychological principles and methods to address practical problems and promote positive change in individuals, groups, organizations, and society. The department offer graduate program in the clinical psychology. The faculty in the Department of Applied Psychology are typically practitioners and scholars with expertise in specific areas of psychology, and they conduct research, offer clinical services, and provide consulting services to various organizations and communities. Students in the department are trained in both the theoretical foundations of psychology and the practical skills necessary to apply psychological principles to real-world problems.


The Applied Psychology Department strives to be a world-class center of excellence in psychological research, education, and clinical practice. Our vision is to promote the understanding of human behavior and mental processes through scientific inquiry, and to use this knowledge to advance individual and societal well-being.


The mission of the Applied Psychology Department is to provide high-quality education and training in psychology, conduct cutting-edge research, and provide evidence-based clinical services to the community. We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect among faculty, staff, and students. We strive to produce graduates who are knowledgeable, ethical, and skilled in applying psychological principles to real-world issues. Through our research, we aim to advance knowledge in psychology and related fields, and to contribute to the development of evidence-based interventions that improve the lives of individuals and communities. We seek to engage with the broader community to promote awareness and understanding of the value of psychological research and practice.

Scheme of studies BS Applied Psychology

Semester I Semester II
1. Life and Academic Skills 2. Introduction to Information and Communication Technology / ICT Skills 3. Expository Writing-I 4. Introduction to Psychology 5. History & Systems in Psychology 6. Arabic for Understanding Quran 1. Critical Thinking and Reasoning 2. Expository Writing-II 3. Statistics for Social Sciences 4. Cognitive Psychology (Theory+Practical) 5. Educational Psychology
Semester III Semester IV
1. Islamic Studies 2. Pakistan Studies 3. Expository Writing-III 4. Urdu Literature 5. Social Psychology 6. Arabic for Understanding Quran 1. State, Society and Civic Engagement 2. Arabic as Foreign Language /Persian as Foreign Language /Turkish as Foreign Language / Chinese as Foreign Language / Saraiki as Pakistani Language / Punjabi as Pakistani Language 3. Constitution and Legal System of Pakistan 4. Abnormal Psychology 5. Clinical Psychology
Semester V Semester VI
1. Personality Theories in Psychology 2. Psychological Testing & Measurement (Theory + Practical) 3. Positive Psychology 4. Physiological Psychology 5. Peace Psychology 1. Developmental Psychology 2. Health Psychology 3. Research Methods-I (Quantitative) 4. Environmental Psychology 5. Organizational & Consumer Psychology 6. Psychotherapy
Semester VII Semester VIII
1. Data Analysis Using SPSS 2. Forensic Psychology 3. Research Methods-II (Qualitative) 4. Counseling Psychology 5. Psychological Assessment and Giagnosis 1. Gender Issues in Psychology 2. Psychology of Trauma & Disaster Management 3. Cross Cultural Psychology 4. Ethical Issues in Psychology 5. Research Project 6. Family Psychology 7. Para Psychology 8. Psychology of Aging