Keeping in view the importance of computer science for the country, Department of Computer Science was established at BZU Sub-Campus Sahiwal in 2014. Currently, Department of Computer Science is offering BS Computer Science (BS CS) (4 Years) degree programs in morning and evening sessions. In addition to these degree programs many short courses and workshops are arranged by the department time to time. The students in Department of Computer Science have unlimited access to the computers & the professional software tools. The Department has modern computer lab equipped with latest computing technology. The department of Computer Science has two computer labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All the computers are equipped with latest technology & the professional software tools and provide services such as HEC digital Library, video conference etc. The students and staff have access to Internet facilitates during working hours.

  • BS Computer Science

Scheme of studies BS Computer Science

Semester I Semester II
1. Introduction to ICT 2. Programming Fundamentals 3. English Composition & Comprehension 4. Calculus & Analytical Geometry 5. Applied Physics 6. Zero Mathematics (Part I)* 1. Digital Logic Design 2. Object Oriented Programming 3. Communication & Presentation Skills 4. Probability & Statistics 5. University Elective-I 6. Zero Mathematics (Part II)*
Semester III Semester IV
1. Comp Organization & Assembly Language 2. Data Structures & Algorithms 3. Discrete Structures 4. Professional Practices 5. CS Supporting-I 1. Design & Analysis of Algorithms 2. Theory of Automata 3. Database Systems 4. Linear Algebra 5. University Elective-II
Semester V Semester VI
1. Compiler Construction 2. CS Supporting-II 3. Operating Systems 4. Software Engineering 5. CS Supporting-III 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Computer Networks 3. CS Elective-I 4. CS Elective-II 5. Technical & Business Writing
Semester VII Semester VIII
1. CS Elective-III 2. CS Elective-IV 3. Final Year Project-I 4. University Elective-III 5. Parallel & Distributed Computing 6. Pakistan Studies 1. CS Elective-V 2. University Elective-IV 3. Final Year Project — II 4. Information Security 5. Islamic Studies/ Ethics