The Department of English was established in 2007 when University of Sahiwal was the subcampus of BZU, Multan. The program started was M.A. English but from 2019 onwards, the University of Sahiwal is also offering BS English. M.A English & BS English are comprehensive study programs based on both language and literature, aimed at improving communicative competence of students and coping with the problems which they face while expressing in English. In order to improve the communication skills, Spoken English Short Course and IELTS are also being launched by the Department. The purpose of these courses is the development of the ability to communicate effectively, to enable the students to read effectively and independently any literary text, to make the experience of learning English more meaningful and enjoyable and to enable the students to use grammar plus language structure in context. The focus is on teaching of language skills using a variety of techniques such as guided silent reading, communication tasks etc. Moreover, a comprehensive approach will be taken for teaching writing skills with a focus on composing, editing and revising texts/drafts. Now, the Department of English has MPhil & PhD faculty members with an exposure of teaching in various established universities. They have a rich treasure of writings in national and International Journals. With more PhD faculty, the department is going to establish a culture of research and publication among its students.


The English Department is working to be a center of excellence in English Language , Literature and Linguistics. Our vision is to promote the understanding of human language and literature through research, and to apply this knowledge to advance individual and societal welfare.


The mission of the English Department is to provide high-quality education and practical exposure in the field of English Language, Literature and Linguistics. We are committed to foster an environment of diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect among faculty, staff, and students. We are working to produce graduates who are knowledgeable, ethically trained, and skilled in English Language, Literature and Linguistics. Through our research works we strive to advance knowledge in English Language and literature, and to contribute to the development of English Language and Literature.

Scheme of studies BS English

Semester I Semester II
1. Sociology 2. Geography 3. Pakistan Studies 4. Communication Skills 5. Introduction to English Literature-I (Poetry & Drama) 6. Introduction to Linguistics 1. Islamic Studies/Ethics (for Non Muslims only) 2. Punjabi/Saraiki Literature 3. World History 4. Academic Reading & Writing 5. History of English Literature-I (Medieval to Romantics) 6. Introduction to English Literature-II (Novel, Short story & Prose) 7. Arabic for Understanding Quran-I
Semester III Semester IV
1. Computers Studies 2. Political Science 3. Psychology 4. Advanced Academic Reading &Writing 5. History of English Literature-II (19th Century Realism to Contemporary times) 6. Phonetics & Phonolog 1. Economics 2. Human Rights & Citizenship 3. Philosophy 4. Statistics 5. Pedagogical Grammar 6. Morphology & Syntax 7. Arabic for Understanding Quran II
Semester V Semester VI
1. Poetry (Classical & Neo-classical) 2. Novel (18th & 19th Century) 3. Literary Criticism 4. Discourse Analysis 5. Sociolinguistics 6. Semantics & Lexical Studies 1. Modern and contemporary Poetry 2. Modern Drama 3. American Literature 4. Testing and Evaluation 5. Language Teaching Methods/Approaches & Micro teaching
Semester VII Semester VIII
1. Modern and contemporary Poetry 2. Modern Drama 3. American Literature 4. Testing and Evaluation 5. Language Teaching Methods/Approaches & Micro teaching 1. 20th Century Fiction & Non-Fiction 2. Emerging Forms of Literature/ 3. Genre Analysis 4. Post-Colonial Literature 5. Corpus Linguistics 6. /Language and Gender 7. Stylistics