Vice Chancellor
University of Sahiwal
For Students


As Vice Chancellor, I extend a warm welcome to the admission aspirants of the University of Sahiwal. This public-sector university is accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and provides students with education in all modern fields. We utilize our immense dedication in ensuring that each individual receives an exceptional educational experience which places a strong focus on contemporary trends within their respective field of study. Our faculty puts vast effort into providing diligent guidance and oversight throughout each student's course of study for maximum success.
I am pleased to announce that our University offers the students excellent and comprehensive educational services, as well as a vast selection of extracurricular activities. Our admissions policy ensures equal opportunity for all deserving individuals according to their abilities and backgrounds. We are devoted to ensuring equity regardless of financial means, social background or ethnicity. Our courses are constructed and taught by skilled professionals who recognize the specific requirements of every pupil. Furthermore, we offer a variety of possibilities for extracurricular pursuits including sports teams, literary or art appreciation societies, in addition to a media club. Our institution is steadfast in its commitment to knowledge creation through research and innovation, as well as providing our students with a dynamic learning environment. We aspire to cultivate a culture of research and innovation amongst our student body, so that they may have access to the most advanced understandings while enrolled here.
The University of Sahiwal’s modern infrastructural development includes a central mosque, a library with an abundance of resources, science and computer-labs, hostels, transportation facilities and sport grounds for the students' convenience, in addition to a women development center and technology incubator. It is thus unsurprising that we are on the path to becoming one of the most desired universities in Pakistan. Let us join forces, and enable these innovations to be spread far and wide. I wish you the utmost success in all your endeavors.