As Director (Academics), I welcome you to the University of Sahiwal. The Directorate of academics aims to develop, review and monitor academic curricula & policies in line with international best practices, market needs and requirements of accreditation bodies and ensure their smooth and effective implementation. The office of the director academics is the leading office of the university of Sahiwal that falls under the office of the Vice Chancellor. The office develops and oversees academic curricula and policies. It regularly examines academic curricula for quality academic programmes using a board of studies, a faculty board, industrial and market inputs, and so on. Through accreditation bodies, it keeps curricula in line with international and national demands and norms. The office’s mission is to execute and uphold the highest academic standards for excellence in teaching and learning as established by the academic council and the syndicate. It also identifies emerging needs and develops future projections in areas such as curricula, teaching methodologies, research activities and capacity building for the faculty and students. In addition, the office of the director academics organizes faculty development programs, develop academic calendar, look after the matters related to the hiring of the part-time faculty in collaboration with deans and chair departments and responds to HEC/PHEC or other organizations’ inquiries on pertinent academic topics.