Beware and Stay Alert!

It's crucial that we all remain vigilant in the devious landscape of online chatter. The honorable Vice Chancellor of the University of Sahiwal communicates only through FOLLOWING verified medium, our official emails:,
Reports have been circulating about unauthorized attempts to impersonate worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Javaid Akhtar, using various email addresses. Please steer clear from falling into these deceptive traps! Remember, if it isn't coming from our certified channel (i.e.,,, then it isn’t valid; Do NOT respond!
Together let us fortify our security - Don't allow falsities to cloud your inbox or compromise your data safety. Be on guard against fraudulence cloaked behind any non-verified email id claiming to be linked with the venerable figurehead of University of Sahiwal…Always double check – because authentic communication is intelligent communication!